Market? What Market?

In 2017, Unseen Book Market and Photobook Week Aarhus started Market? What Market? -  a joint discussion on the role of the photobook market today. This year, the platforms introduce the second edition where they will focus on solutions for photobook field's challenges.

During the days of Unseen Amsterdam, Moritz Neumüller, curator of  Photobook Week Aarhus, will be present at the Book Market, conducting a research and interviews with artists and publishers, while Daria Tuminas, head of Unseen Book Market, will travel to Denmark in October picking up the research there. Artists, (self-)publishers, collectors, distributors and booksellers will help them document new ways of releasing the photobook from its self-imposed Ghetto, finding alternative audiences, and raising the awareness of the medium. Photographer Boris Lutters will produce imagery of books at Unseen Book Market.

The results of this research next to a series of interviews with Bruno Ceschel (founder, Self Publish, Be Happy), Frederic Lezmi  & Markus Schaden (The Photobook Museum), and Laurence Aegerter (Photographic Treatment), will be made available as a downloadable booklet and in printed form after the main events.