Highchair Editions

Founded in 2011 Highchair Editions is the self publishing imprint of James and Edward Newton. Releasing a small number of publications each year, Highchair Editions produces highly considered printed matter in a variety of formats. Each publication is designed around the specific body of work that it presents.

Moon Man Magazine

Moon Man is a concept studio that specializes in innovative art direction and creative production. Based in the heart of London, Moon Man collaborates with a diverse range of clients to provide multidisplinary solutions with creative content development. We direct - curate - brand - style - publish. Our team consults with media companies to create new projects that span contemporary art, fashion, design and global culture. 


Overlapse is a London-based independent publisher collaborating closely with artists and photographers to create relevant photobooks that you'll want in your collection. Our socially progressive themes explore shared human experiences and encourage discovery of the unknown or unfamiliar, and subjects that promote discussion. 

Here Press

Here Press is an independent publisher dedicated to exploring documentary photography in book form. It was founded in 2011 by Harry Hardie and Ben Weaver.

Ed Cross Fine Art

Already an established name in the field of Contemporary African Art, Ed Cross founded the Ed Cross Fine Art gallery in 2009. The gallery works with leading emerging curators and focuses on artists from Africa and its diasporas, showcasing conceptual projects and medium-specific practices whilst reflecting on relevant global topics of today. 

ARTISTS 2018: Keyezua, Mário Macilau

The Plantation Journal

Run by Trine Stephensen, the Plantation is a non-profit art initiative, project space, publication and platform for showcasing work by young emerging artists. The Plantation produces the biannual publication series The Plantation Journal, which takes the format of a zine and includes one commissioned essay per issue following a carefully curated selection of photographic work related to sculptural photography.

Tristan Hoare

Tristan Hoare Gallery focuses on emerging and established international contemporary artists. Founded in 2009, the gallery was based at Lichfield Studios, the former headquarters of Patrick Lichfield. 

ARTISTS 2017: Alejandro Guijarro, Maryam Eisler

Purdy Hicks Gallery

Purdy Hicks Gallery opened in 1995 in East London and moved to South Kensington in 2016. The Gallery has continually supported the evolving practice of both established and emerging international artists, each with an individual and radical approach to the artistic possibilities of their time and an aim to break popular perceptions of method and role in contemporary photography. Currently representing over twelve international photographers, Purdy Hicks Gallery holds four to six photography exhibitions each year and participates in several international art fairs. 

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