Dienacht Publishing

Dienacht Publishing is an independent photo-book publisher. Our aim is to showcase carefully selected photographers through a limited circulation of unique, beautifully produced and highly collectible books.

spector books

Spector’s publishing practice lies at the intersection between art, theory, and design. Based in Leipzig, Germany, the publishing house explores the possibilities offered by an active exchange between all parties involved in the book production process: artists, authors, book designers, lithographers, printers and bookbinders.


Established in 2008, MZIN is operated by Philipp Neumann and Karen Laube in Leipzig, Germany. Offering a selection of international and local zines, magazines, catalogues and books from the fields of design, art, graphics, architecture, fashion and photography, Top of FormMZIN also writes reviews in several publications, as well as giving lectures and talks, hosting a conference and organising exhibitions.

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