Galerie Julian Sander

Galerie Julian Sander, formerly FEROZ Galerie, was founded in 2009 by Julian Sander, the son of esteemed gallery owner Gerd Sander. Showing a range of photography from the 19th century through the 21st century, the Galerie Julian Sander aesthetic is defined by the daring eye of a fourth generation photographer and second generation gallerist in the market of photography.

Kaune, Sudendorf

Kaune, Sudendorf Gallery for Contemporary Photography was established in the autumn of 2007 in Cologne, Germany. The young gallery focuses on photo- and video art and their relation to reality, and international photography that adapts contemporary and documentary resources. The programme of Kaune, Sudendorf reflects the gallery's attitude towards photography: concentrating on real life, just as it is, not how it could be. Kaune, Sudendorf wishes to focus on the soul and spirit of photography, which has become harder and harder to capture in today's mass-mediated world.

Kaune, Posnik, Spohr

Kaune, Posnik, Spohr was founded in Cologne in 2007 as a contemporary photography gallery. Its aim is to present photography and video art installations and to analyse the role that these media play in our society.

The representation of highly aesthetic work that has the ability to slow down the onslaught of media into more manageable and sequential moments is at the heart of the gallery’s mission.

ARTISTS 2015: Jacqueline Hassinn, Stefan Heyne

ARTISTS 2014: Immo Klink, Marianna Rothen, Marina Gadonneix, Sylvie Tillmann

Café Lehmitz Photobooks

Café Lehmitz Photobooks was founded by Richard Sporleder in 2012 and aims to promote the photobook as an artistic medium as well as to strengthen public photobook libraries at museums and universities.

Mirko Mayer Gallery / m-projects

Mirko Mayer Gallery / m-projects was founded in 1998 and is based in Cologne. The gallery aims to collaborate with artists who work in the two- and three- dimensional domain simultaneously, often resulting in exhibitions that are installation-based and site specific. m-projects was developed to complement the gallery’s programme and helps emerging artists to show their work before they are featured in mirko mayer galerie.

ARTISTS 2018: Micha Cattaui, Pasi Orrensalo

ARTISTS 2017: Ralph Baiker, Pasi Orrensalo, Colin Cook

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